Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Swisscom Buyback.

The Swisscom Buyback programme lets you sell your old smartphone. The buyback value you receive depends on the condition, brand and model of your device. You may choose to have the amount paid out conveniently by bank transfer or have it credited towards your next Swisscom invoice. The buyback value or a portion of it can also be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages foundation.

The Swisscom Buyback programme is available to all smartphone owners in Switzerland – you do not need to be a Swisscom customer.

If you do not know what model of smartphone you have, you can enter the IMEI number directly on the Buyback website. The brand and model of your smartphone will then be displayed automatically.
You can also display the IMEI number by dialling *#06# on your phone.

The Buyback service is not available for all smartphones currently on the market, because not all mobile phones can be resold at appropriate prices. Donate these mobile phones to a Mobile Aid location at your local Swisscom Shop. The proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages.

The buyback value of a model depends on the current market for used smartphones and the condition of your device. The repackaging costs are then deducted from this value.

Each envelope we receive containing a smartphone is inspected at the processing center upon arrival. The details you provide will be corrected if needed, and you will receive a new buyback offer by email.

The smartphones are taken back, repaired and refurbished. That way, you will be giving your old device a new life. Working smartphones are then resold in Switzerland, Europe and emerging countries to offer the people living there access to a smartphone.

We accept all mobile phones, whether they work or not. However, unusable mobile phones must be shipped at your own expense or dropped in one of the designated Mobile Aid boxes located in a Swisscom Shop. More about Mobile Aid

Swisscom Buyback is currently only available for smartphones.

You do not need to include the accessories with your shipment. This will not affect the buyback value. However, you are free to include them when you send in your smartphone for buyback. That way, you will be recycling everything and giving your phone a new life.

The buyback request for your smartphone is valid for 30 days. After this date, the buyback price can be adjusted.

No, this service is only available in Switzerland.

You may only sell one smartphone at a time via Swisscom Buyback. Multiple buybacks per person are allowed, however. Simply complete the buyback process separately for each smartphone you want to return.

Place your smartphone in an envelope and attach the postage-paid label in the Swisscom Buyback email sent to you for the return of your smartphone. The envelope will be delivered by Swiss Post (road and rail) to the processing center in Switzerland.

Please delete your personal data before sending in your smartphone to prevent third parties from gaining access to your data. After we have received your device, all personal data will be permanently and securely wiped from the device at our processing center. For this reason, we recommend backing up your data before sending in your smartphone.
Disable all codes (e.g. PIN), restore the default settings on your mobile phone and remove the SIM card.

Follow these steps to disable the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature :

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Tap on your Apple ID name
  3. Tap on the desired device
  4. Tap ‘Find my iPhone’
  5. Disable the feature
More information can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201351

Instructions for removing the device from your Google account :
Settings / Google / Google Account / Security / Select your device and tap ‘REMOVE’

You can check the current status of your smartphone at our processing center at any time. Simply log in on the Swisscom Buyback page. The link is included in the confirmation e-mail you received for your smartphone buyback order.

You may only cancel your order if you have not yet sent in your smartphone. If you need to cancel a Swisscom Buyback order, please contact us here

Our Terms and Conditions stipulate that we guarantee payment within 48 hours of sending the email to confirm that the product you have sent us meets the buyback criteria.

The credit will be applied to your Swisscom invoice no later than a month after we have reviewed and confirmed your smartphone buyback request at our processing center. If your invoice has been sent before your buyback credit has been applied, the credit will be applied on your next invoice.

Your data will be fully and securely erased from your smartphone at our processing center.

We recommend removing your SIM card from your smartphone before sending it in. If the smartphone you have sent in still contains a SIM card, the SIM will be destroyed immediately and cannot be returned.

Please feel free to contact us directly here. We will process your request as quickly as possible. For support by phone, please call our hotline: +41 800 111 848.