Why Swisscom Buyback?

  • Easy to sell

    Easy to sell

    Turn your old phone into money in just a few clicks, completely free of charge.
  • There for everyone

    There for everyone

    Swisscom Buyback is available to everyone: you don’t have to be a Swisscom customer and it doesn’t matter what smartphone you have.

  • Secure deletion of data

    Secure deletion of data

    When you sell your smartphone, all of your data, which could otherwise be accessed again on your old device, will be completely and securely deleted at our processing centre. We work together with certified specialists throughout the entire process.

  • Fast payment

    Fast payment

    We will pay you the value of your smartphone 48 hours after your phone has been tested and we have informed you by email.

  • Good for the environment

    Good for the environment

    A smartphone uses most energy when it is produced. Trading in your phone is therefore more environmentally friendly than recycling it.

  • Customer service

    Customer service

    Do you have any questions? Call us on +41 (0)800 111 848 or contact us here.

  • Take part in Swisscom Mobile Aid

    Take part in Swisscom Mobile Aid

    When you resell your used mobile phone, you can make a donation to SOS Children’s Villages.  details icon More