About RS Switzerland

RS Switzerland

Swisscom offers the Buyback service for used smartphones in partnership with Recommerce Solutions (RS) Switzerland. Founded in 2014, RS Switzerland is located in Fribourg and is the Swiss branch of the Recommerce Group.

RS Switzerland contributes to a circular economy by supporting the purchase and resale of refurbished smartphones through various buyback and sales solutions. RS Switzerland resells its products under the Recommerce Swiss brand.

RS Switzerland believes that the future of business and technology can be brought in line with the demands of sustainable development. This is made possible in the electronics markets by promoting sales of refurbished smartphones to consumers and retailers. RS Switzerland meets business, social and ecological requirements along the entire value chain. This is why RS Switzerland has chosen to work with Réalise, a company for professional reintegration and skills development in Geneva. Specifically, Réalise manages the receipt and registration of goods, processing (testing) and data deletion on each mobile phone bought back via Swisscom.

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